Pensions Planing

Full insurance, autonomous collective foundations, coverage ratios, funding gaps, recapitalization contributions, longevity risks, risk appetite, risk capacity, pension plan — many aspects need to be taken into account in shaping your pension plan arrangements. We will lead you to the optimal pension scheme solution and also accompany you, once the plan is up, in its daily business dealings.

Our service includes comprehensive consulting, support and assistance in the complex area of occupational pension systems.


  • analyse your existing pension solution and prepare a transparent inventory.
  • identify potential for optimization and, subject to your approval, adapt your pension solution.
  • put your pension solution out for tender and assess any quotations in an independent and objective manner.
  • inform your staff in a generally intelligible way about the (new) solution.
  • keep you constantly updated about any changes in the market environment.
  • help to reduce costs.
  • relieve you from administering your pension scheme.

We assist you

  • in the case of claims such as invalidity, death, divorce, advance withdrawals to finance property, motherhood etc.
  • in procurement and tax issues.
  • if you should have any questions regarding retirement.
  • in providing staff information concerning the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act (BVG)
  • if you should have any questions regarding the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act (BVG). For this purpose, we inform you several times a year about interesting news in our newsletter sent by e-mail.

with our leaflets on:

  • new employees,
  • leaving employees,
  • live-in partner / common-law spouse and registered partnerships in the sense of the Swiss Partnership Act PartG
  • stays abroad,
  • burnout etc.

Upon individual consultation, we also assess the private pension situation of employees interested in this service. During this process we will point out possible gaps and provide suggestions on how to reduce or overcome them.